Helpful and informative.

Louis Lim is an excellent lawyer. He answered all my questions, was very informative and genuinely concerned about my case. I used him about 6 years ago and he still remembered me. He was friendly and even recommended other lawyers for my situation. I would recommend him to all my friends and family.



Aggravated Assault on a family member

Aggravated assault charges Mr. Lim has successfully got my charges dropped down and almost completely gone. He kept me in the loop and even navigated me through all the legal stuff . I would recommend him to anyone fighting any charge . He gave me my dignity back and even helped my family navigate the legal system to help me in every way . As attorney go he is the best.

-Rebecca, a Criminal Defense client


All I can say is AWESOME!

Louis is not only a great lawyer he treats you as if your are family I would recommend him to any one and every one he does what he says he is going to do and is very professional. I have complete faith in him should I ever need a lawyer again he would be the only call I made!!!

-Sean,  a Domestic Violence client


Outstanding laywer who goes above and beyond!!

In 2010, our son was facing serious drug charges with an extensive jail sentence. Louis put his heart and soul into doing everything he could to keep him out of jail. He was not interested in winning a case as much as he was helping his client. He listened, asked questions and looked beyond the circumstances to see what we saw - a young man who made a mistake and needed someone to help him get his life back. The case ran for 1 1/2 years, but the outcome was far better than we even hoped. He was steadfast and reslient and gave our son another shot at life. Our son received no jailtime and was given reasonable terms on probabtion. We would highly recommend Louis Lim for anyone needing legal representation.

-Royce and Tasha, a Criminal Defense client


The Man Who Saved My Life: Louis Lim

I had the privilege of having Louis Lim represent me. My life had come crumbling down, and he absolutely calmed the storm...and saved my life. He was very interested in what was going on with me and my life. He was there for me every minute. I was facing a felony charge. He took so much time getting to know the details of my life, my story, and the details of my case. He was not only my layer but a mentor. I had no need to worry because he took care of every minute detail. Thanks to his diligence and hard work, all my charges were dropped and my arrest record sealed. I have worked very hard to earn my Bachelor's Degree in Finance following with my Master's in Business Administration. My career was in jeopardy until the day I met Louis Lim. By saving my life in court...he saved my career and well being. I am so thankful for him!!

-Duke, a Criminal Defense client


He gave me my dignity back

Louis is one of the best attorney's in Northwest Arkansas. He was very thorough and concerned with the outcome of my case. He spent quality and quantity of time researching and investigating issues dealing my case in order to properly represent me with the utmost integrity. I trust this man with my life as well as my family's life and highly reccommend him at every chance.

-Melissa, a Criminal Defense client


I Highly Recommend Louis Lim

I had the pleasure of knowing Louis for several years before I found myself needing legal counsel for a DWI charge. Louis had been very successful as a public defender and I already knew he was well respected by his peers and had an impeccable reputation both in and out of the courtroom. Due to the nature of my work, a DWI conviction could have serious implications for my career. Thanks to Louis, I was found not guilty of the charge. Several of my relatives were present for my trial and they all commented on how much they actually enjoyed watching Louis at work. As far as knowing the law, Louis is second to none. But I think what sets him apart is the way he truly wants to successfully represent his clients and the fact that he cares about the people he represents. Louis is well respected by everyone in the courtroom, and that is an extremely important quality to look for in an attorney. If I ever find myself in trouble again there is no question that Louis Lim will be the man that I want by my side.

-Justin, a DUI client


Thanks Louis

It's extraordinary the way he worked on my case, I am very satisfied and thankful. I am a young adult that has got many tickets for trafic violations but Louis Lim worked on my case very responsibly and not only resolved my situation but also clean my record without having to do any jail time, and for that i will recomend him to all my friedns and family and all those who need someone to represent them at any time. He is a great person, very dedicated that truly cares about hes clients.

-Nelson, a Car Accident client


Very satisfied client

Mr. Lim is very knowledgeable of criminal defense. Unlike some lawyers in the area, Mr. Lim won't tell you how easy something is and then spring a last minute plea the day of trial saying you should take it. Mr. Lim will research and plan a winning defense that works. If you want an attorney that can and will research every possibility and actually listen to your input then look no further. If you think local big name attorneys will do a better job just because they sent you a fishing letter in the mail or they have a fancy add in the phone book you are wrong and will be very regretful of your choice after you see the outcome.

-James, a Criminal Defense client


Trustworthy, Personable, Empathetic, & Deliberate. A Man Amongst Men!

Louis Lim took a very difficult situation and made it almost trouble free. He is very approachable which wasn't expected, and genuinely listened when being spoken to. He has a unique way of obtaining information through questioning and empathizing, all while keeping the objective in focus.

I never anticipated needing legal assistance and was personally terrified of the process. Louis took the anxiety out of obtaining legal assistance and made the entire experience much easier to weather. His intentions and expectations were very transparent, no worries for any foolery.

My most impressive takeaway from the experience of using Mr. Lim was his inviting availability when you had questions or concerns about your matter. He took priority in informing you entirely, rather than leave you with an open ended short answer.

-Brock, a Criminal Defense client

I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer

I hired Louis back in February of 2012 for criminal charges and traffic and when I hired Louis I had no idea he would go out of his way to keep me from going to jail. I dug myself a pretty big hole I couldnt get myself out of... Louis went above and beyond with my case and I couldnt have asked for a better lawyer. I recommend Louis to everyone that has any legal issues.

-Mario, a Criminal Defense client



I highly recommend Louis Lim!!!! Louis is not like any other lawyer because he isn't just in it for the money, he actually cares in helping out his clients. Without his help and support I would most likely not be here right now. Louis put a lot of effort and hard work when he was working on my case. Louis always encouraged me and gave me hope on days that I would feel like giving up. He always gave me really good advice. My mom hired Louis back in 2010 when I was 17 years old and being charged with a lot of drug felonies. Benton County was trying me as an adult. I was still a juvenile and after 3 months in the County Jail I bonded out and started working, going to college, and going to rehab. It took almost 2 years till the judge finally transfered my case back to juvenile court. It was a miracle what Louis did for me. Soon after that, in juvenile court the prosecutor wanted to put me back in jail but what Louis accomplished for me in that court was probation till I turn 21. Thanks to Louis, the judge, and GOD I was given a second chance.Ever since I bonded out I have been working and I am still attending college. If you want someone who is truly going to work really hard and do everything he can do to help you out then you need to hire Louis Lim. Louis will not let you down, you will be in good hands with him.

-Jorge, a Criminal Defense client